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HARRY A. EZRATTY, the author of The Jews in the New World trilogy: 500 Years in the Jewish Caribbean: The Spanish and  Portuguese Jews in the West Indies, They Led the Way (The Creators of Jewish America), and The Builders: Jews and the Growth of America, is a descendant of Jews expelled from Spain in 1492.  See books...

He has been a lifelong student of Jewish history. His parentsí home was a haven for refugees before and during World War II. During those visits, the young Ezratty listened to the fascinating tales of the Sephardim as told by those visitors.

Ezratty began studying Jewish history while at college and has since amassed an extensive library on the Jews of the Diaspora. After writing for magazines in New York, Ezratty moved to the Caribbean, which allowed him to visit Jewish sites throughout the West Indies. This resulted in his 1997 book, 500 Years in the Jewish Caribbean, which led to lecture appearances at synagogues and universities both in the Caribbean and the continental United States. The book sold out and was updated, expanded and annotated for a 2002 edition.

A Baltimore resident since 2004, Ezratty wrote They Led the Way (The Creators of Jewish America), to explain the earliest Jewish experiences in the United States. It was those years, he tells us, that led to the lure America held for the great waves of Jewish immigration of the late 1800s.

Volume III, The Builders: Jews and the Growth of America, was completed in 2007. It follows the development of unions, social welfare, music, communications and other facets of American life in which the Jews had an important role.


Ezratty is married to writer Barbara Tasch Ezratty; they divide their time between Baltimore, Maryland and San Juan, Puerto Rico.