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HARRY A. EZRATTY is the author of “The Jews in the New World” trilogy.  He is also the author of an art book and two written for the legal community.



Flags of Convenience

April 2014

ISBN 0-942929-38-1

296 pages

$17.95 order



 Flags of Convenience
When Convenience Can Mean Disaster


American ship-owners register their vessels in designated foreign countries as a convenient way to save operating costs. They can bypass American safety-at-sea laws, skimping on safety procedures for their crews, paying lower wages to seamen with meager qualifications, and neglecting basics of ship maintenance. This is the story of the disasters that can – and do – result from foreign flagging.


Vol. I: 500 Years in the Jewish Caribbean: The Spanish & Portuguese Jews in the West Indies - The saga of the earliest years of Jewish migration to this hemisphere, following expulsion from most of Europe after the Spanish Inquisition. Chapters include each of the Caribbean islands which experienced Jewish settlement.


500 Years in the Jewish Caribbean

Revised & annotated edition

November 2002

ISBN 0-942929-18-7

212 pages
Hardcover with dust jacket

$19.95 order



 500 Years in the Jewish Caribbean
The Spanish and Portuguese Jews in the West Indies


The Dutch, British, Spanish, French, and Danish islands of the Caribbean are rich in Jewish history. This book tells their story from the time of the Spanish inquisition to the present era. In "500 Years in the Jewish Caribbean," you will discover that:

- Alexander Hamilton, America's first Secretary of the Treasury, was born on the Caribbean island of Nevis. His curriculum, when he was studying at the island's Jewish School, included Hebrew. - In 1781, when British forces conquered the Dutch island of St. Eustatius, they singled out Jewish merchants for punishment because of their assistance to the American colonies during the Revolutionary War. - During World War II, Nazi sympathizers were put to work in Surinam by the Dutch government to restore the Caribbean's oldest Jewish cemeteries. - Dominican dictator Rafael Trujillo donated over 50,000 acres of his own land to induce 10,000 Jewish refugees to settle in the Dominican Republic during World War II. He also issued an additional 4,000 exit visas.

- Until 1840, the only ordained rabbis in the Western Hemisphere were those in the West Indies. . .


Vol. II: They Led the Way: The Creators of Jewish America - The story of Caribbean Jews who land in New Amsterdam on the North American mainland, establish the first Jewish community there in 1654, and how their acts and the actions of those who followed in the 17th, 18th, and early 19th Centuries,  led to increased civil liberties for the Jews of America. Chapters include profiles of 13 significant early Americans, one of whom is not Jewish.


They Led the Way

The Creators of Jewish America

ISBN 0-942929-15-2

200 pages

B/W photos

$17.95 order



 They Led The Way
The Creators of Jewish America

Profiles of early Americans who were instrumental in shaping the United States as we know it today, with its guarantees of religious freedom and civil rights.

Read about Mordecai Sheftall; Haym Salomon; Thomas Kennedy; Uriah Phillips Levy; Solomon Nuñes Carvalho; Rebecca Gratz; Judah Touro; Ernestine L. Rose; Judah P. Benjamin, and more!


Vol. III: The Builders: Jews and the Growth of America - The story of late 19th and early 20th Century Jews in the United States, who were instrumental in industry, social action, communication, and all the other fields that helped America grow as it did.



They Led the Way

The Creators of Jewish America

ISBN 978-0-942929-24-9

300 pages with b/w photos

Tables of Contents; index, bibliography
Hard cover with dust jacket

$23.95 order



 The Builders:
Jews and the Growth of America

From the father of Florida statehood through 20th Century science and music, Jews have helped to shape America. Subjects covered in the Builders include Social Welfare, Mining, Unions, Communications (print, screen, radio and television), Transportation and much more, with profilers of the fascinating Jewish Americans who helped make it happen.




Baltimore in the Civil War: The Pratt Street Riot and a City Occupied

ISBN 978-60949-003-4

128 pages

$19.99 order



 Baltimore in the Civil War
The Pratt Street Riot and a City Occupied


On April 19, 1861, the first blood of the Civil War was spilled in the streets of Baltimore. En route to Camden Station, Union forces were confronted by angry Southern sympathizers, and at Pratt Street the crowd rushed the troops, who responded with lethal volleys. Four soldiers and twelve Baltimoreans were left dead. Marylanders unsuccessfully attempted to further cut ties with the North by sabotaging roads, bridges and telegraph lines. In response to the “Battle of Baltimore,” Lincoln declared martial law and withheld habeas corpus in much of the state. Author Harry Ezratty skillfully narrates the events of that day and their impact on the rest of the war, when Baltimore became a city occupied.






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