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Upcoming Cruise Schedule

The winter cruise schedule will be released soon.  Please check back frequently for updates.



Harry Ezratty

Author of

500 Years in the Jewish Caribbean

The Spanish and Portuguese Jews in the West Indies


When he leads his exciting, interesting and fun-filled series of Jewish Heritage Tours

Explore the rich Jewish Heritage of the Caribbean, visiting such islands as Aruba, Barbados, Curacao, Martinique, Nevis, Puerto Rico, St. Eustatius, St. Martin, and St. Thomas.

Many of these islands have a long established Jewish history, dating back to the times when Christopher Columbus sailed to the New World.  Mr. Ezratty, an expert in the Jewish Caribbean experience, brings a new way of looking at the Caribbean to those who join in his tours.  Participants learn about the Jewish/French, Jewish/Dutch, and Jewish/English influences that these hardy people brought to their new island homes.  And significantly, how the great cultural and economic impact they made in the Caribbean so long ago influenced the new American colonies. 

Tours are scheduled to coincide with sailings of cruise ships whose itineraries cover at least three of the islands.  Typically there is one cruise per winter season, between the months of January and March.  Touring and lectures are exclusive to members of the group.  Each cruise is guaranteed to result in a fun and fact filled week of seeing the Caribbean through Jewish eyes!

 You’ll never see the Caribbean the same way again!

For tour schedules contact Nexus Travel Network at NexusTN@core.com or 847-831-3380