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HARRY A. EZRATTY is an experienced and dynamic lecturer who explores unfamiliar territory for most of his audiences and delves deeper into his subjects for those who know the basic facts. He is available for individual lectures or multi-part seminars on the subject of American and Caribbean Jews. 

As part of his lectures, personally autographed copies of the books are offered to the audience at a discount. 

To schedule a speaking engagement, contact us.

                                   Partial List of Lecture Topics offered by Harry A. Ezratty                                   


1. 500 Years in the Jewish Caribbean: An overview of the first Jewish settlers in the New World, where they came from, why they came, and how they fared. (Very well!).

2. Early Colonial American Jews and their influence on America’s attitude toward Jews; their struggle for basic religious and civil rights.

3.  Caribbean Jews and their influence in Colonial America and the Early Republic: how they entered into American politics and helped settle the growing America

4. Jews and the Military: American Jews and their role in America’s military from Colonial times to the decade prior to the Civil War.

5. Thomas Kennedy: A non-Jew’s struggle to bring civil rights and religious liberty to the disenfranchised Jews of Maryland.

6. Sephardic Jews: Their influence in early America.

7. The Creators of Jewish America: Jews who were instrumental in establishing American policy in various fields (pre Civil War).

8. The Builders: Jews who helped to build American institutions (post Civil War)

9. Jews and the Civil War: the little-known role of Jewish military in the War Between the States.

10. Anousim: the forgotten Jews of America's Southwest and Latin America.

11. Who was a Jew in 1492?

 ...and other topics by request, including “Was Columbus a Jew?”